Achieving a pleasing aesthetic is now a necessity in today’s world. We at Lardent strive for excellence using the best available material. By using composite veneers, porcelain and ceramic crowns we achieve superior results even when treating badly worn teeth.


Field of stomatology dedicated to the prevention of dental decay and treatment of lesions
We provide:

  • the latest generation of composite fillings
  • reconstruction of the teeth
  • treatment of cervical hypersensitivity


Endodontics, in other words root canal treatment. It is one of the fastest growing fields of dentistry. Thanks to the use of specialized instruments using nickel-titanium, our rotary treatment has become more effective than ever. Proper diagnosis is ensured by using microscope and endometer to measure the length of the channel. Proper treatment of endodontic related issues provides long term health for the teeth for our patients.


Replace the loss of teeth in a treatment to provide a healthy appearance of teeth and their condition, restoring ease of chewing and biting. We make all kinds of restorations including:

  • ceramic crowns
  • Porcelain crowns on the foundation of zirconium
  • Porcelain crowns on the foundation steel nickel-free
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Dentures on catches
  • Acrylic dentures complete and partial


This is the branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of children. Our goal is to take care of the little patients as well as possible and with the cooperation of parents, to protect them from teeth diseases.




Chirurgia stomatologiczna


Nasi laryngolodzy specjalizują się w diagnozowaniu i leczeniu chorób uszu, gardła, nosa i zatok oraz krtani . Wykonują pełne badanie laryngologiczne z wykorzystaniem technik endoskopowych. Do dyspozycji mają tympanometr i audiometr kliniczny. Leczą doroslych i dzieci. Wszyscy posiadają doświadczenie w zakresie operacyjnego leczenie drożności nosa, jak operacje przegrody nosowej, czy plastyka małżowin nosowych. Wykonują również operacje zatok, a także uszu, migdałków, slinianek i krtani. Nasi lekarze są związani z Oddzialem Laryngologii Szpitala Specjalistycznego im. Stefana Żeromskiego oraz Szpitalem i Przychodnią Centermed na ul. Łazarza w Krakowie. Pracują także w Centrum Medycznym LARMED na ul. Lwowskiej. Od lat nabywają doświadczenia w pracy ambulatoryjnej i na salach operacyjnych. Stale uczestniczą w szkoleniach i zjazdach nabywając nowoczesnej wiedzy w dziedzinie laryngologii.

anesthesia (Calaject)

We use the latest systems for painless anesthesia using computer assisted. By adjusting the appropriate settings, it is possible to minimize the pain caused by spreading of the formulation-tissue anesthesia. This system is preferred by children and people sensitive to pain.


Endodontic treatment

  • A key element in determining the effectiveness of root canal treatment is the use of modern equipment. Endomotor X-Smart Plus and Endo Master allow for mechanical preparation of root canals. They enable exceptionally thorough cleaning of infected canals preventing future issues.
  • Electronic endometer-Specifies the length of the channel which affects the precision of the treatment.
  • B & L so. "The liquid gutta-percha" - is a system for filling guaranteeing permanent and hermetic sealing of the root canal due to the plasticized, hot, liquid gutta-percha, precisely adapting to their irregular shape.

Imaging equipment:

  • X-ray - RVG digital - imaging system uses a reduced dose (compared with the standard X-ray), enabling the diagnosis and monitoring of treatments. The digital form of pictures lets you easily store and transfer the patient info to a CD, USB stick or electronic transfers.
  • Intraoral camera - provides the patient the opportunity to observe the oral cavity before, during and after surgery on a monitor mounted on the treatment unit. Definitely facilitates cooperation especially with children.



This device is used in the re-canal treatment of difficult changes aiding in the healing of the apical. The apparatus generates an electric potential, which allows a germicidal to be injected in a specific location.

Electrosurgical knife
with a coagulant

Allows precise adjustments (notch), of overgrown tissue, undercutting of frenulum of the lips and tongue, treat difficult eruptions of wisdom teeth and removal of mucosal lesions. Use of the device provides bloodless surgery and shortens the healing time.


Laser biostimulation

laser beams have anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, stimulating tissue regeneration due to increases in antibody production activating the immune system. Mainly used to treat symptoms of lockjaw, pain, non-healing wounds, cold sores, aft, nerve pain, and inflammation of the sinuses.


  • Autoclave - used to sterilize tools and dental equipment. The resulting device destroys all microorganisms and provide full microbiological safety.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner - device used for cleaning tools, uses ultrasonic waves of high frequency to break down stubborn dirt in combination with the sterilization process provides 100% pure biological free tools.



Lardent is a modern Centre of Dentistry and Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery). This combination of specializations allows us to provide the highest possible quality of services and comprehensive diagnosis of health and facial aesthetics.

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