Achieving a pleasing aesthetic is now a necessity in today’s world. We at Lardent strive for excellence using the best available material. By using composite veneers, porcelain and ceramic crowns we achieve superior results even when treating badly worn teeth.

Conservative dentistry

Field of stomatology dedicated to the prevention of dental decay and treatment of lesions.
We provide:

  • the latest generation of composite fillings
  • reconstruction of the teeth
  • treatment of cervical hypersensitivity


Endodontics, in other words root canal treatment. It is one of the fastest growing fields of dentistry. Thanks to the use of specialized instruments using nickel-titanium, our rotary treatment has become more effective than ever. Proper diagnosis is ensured by using microscope and endometer to measure the length of the channel. Proper treatment of endodontic related issues provides long term health for the teeth for our patients.

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Replace the loss of teeth in a treatment to provide a healthy appearance of teeth and their condition, restoring ease of chewing and biting. We make all kinds of restorations including:

  • ceramic crowns
  • porcelain crowns on the foundation of zirconium
  • porcelain crowns on the foundation steel nickel-free
  • ceramic veneers
  • dentures on catches
  • acrylic dentures complete and partial

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions and jaw-joint problems. For patients, disorders of the masticatory organ are most often an aesthetic problem. The malocclusion correction is performed in patients of all ages. Orthodontic appliances are the most common method of treatment. The aim of orthodontics is to prevent defects or to correct them in order to achieve good occlusion and contact between the teeth, mandible, and maxilla.


Branch of dentistry dealing with the replacement of lost teeth in order to maintain the aesthetics and function of the masticatory system. The implant consists of a titanium screw screwed into the bone replacing the root of the tooth, a connector that bonds the titanium screw with the crown portion of the tooth and a prosthetic crown replacing the crown of the tooth. It is often used as a fixing element for dental prostheses, guaranteeing their stable maintenance.

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Dentistry specialization dealing with the treatment of gum diseases, tissues that keep the tooth in the socket and paradontosis. Periodontology is also a splinting procedure that allows stabilizing loose teeth.

Dental surgery

Deals with: extraction (removal) of the tooth, removal of retained eights (wisdom teeth), resection of the roots, gum grafts, bone reconstruction.


This is the branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of children. Our goal is to take care of the little patients as well as possible and with the cooperation of parents, to protect them from teeth diseases.

Lardent is a modern Center for Dentistry and Laryngology. The combination of these two specializations allows us to provide the highest quality of services and comprehensive health diagnostics and facial aesthetics

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