Implantological treatment at the Lardent Center restores a healthy and beautiful smile to our patients.

Indications for treatment

We apply implantological treatment to patients with missing teeth. Implants are the best solution for people who have lost teeth due to various injuries, decay, or periodontal diseases. The loss of even one tooth leads to a change in arrangement of the adjacent teeth towards the lost one, and to further changes in the opposing dental arch. The remaining teeth in the mouth must take over the functions of the lost tooth. In the long term, this leads to an overload of the teeth, resulting, for example, in loosening of healthy teeth and their misalignment. There are also invisible changes, such as bone atrophy at the site of the extracted tooth, which significantly complicates the possibilities of subsequent restorative treatment.

Treatment options

In the case of missing teeth, implant treatment is the best option. Dental implants enable rebuilding a full smile. We successfully apply this type of treatment also to edentulous patients, restoring their joy and comfort in everyday life.

Benefits of implant treatment

The benefits of this treatment are external and internal. An external benefit is a beautiful and healthy smile without any missing teeth. An internal benefit is restoration of the patient’s health by preventing the progressive negative consequences of tooth loss, and reclaiming normal chewing function.


The procedure is not painful, so it should not be feared. The dental implant procedure is always carried out under local anaesthesia to ensure the greatest possible comfort for our patients. The implantological procedure consists of two stages - the first is the implantation of the implant screw into the bone part, and the second is the prosthetic part. We use implants of the highest quality.

Treatment after the procedure

After the procedure, the patient receives a list of recommendations regarding managing, hygiene, and eating during a few days following the procedure. Each patient is also immediately scheduled for a follow-up appointment.

Reconstruction of tooth crowns

Placing an implant is the first and most important stage of implantological treatment. After the implant has healed, the prosthetic part, i.e. the reconstruction of tooth crowns, which are what you can see on the outside, begins. These two steps add up to a full and healthy smile for the patient.

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Price list


Implantological consultation

150 zł

Implant insertion

3100 zł

Exposure of implant, healing screw

200 zł

Implant-supported denture

from 1500 zł

Porcelain crown on an implant

from 2500 zł

zirconium crown on an implant

from 3000 zł

Bone reconstruction

from 1000 zł


od 2500 zł

We invite you to the LARDENT Dentistry and Laryngology Center in Krakow for an implantological consultation!

In our dental offices in Krakow, we perform treatments for supplementing single and extensive dental cavities. We guarantee painless and safe dental treatment based on the latest solutions and the highest quality equipment. We care for the patient's comfort at every stage of the activities. We provide dental implants in Krakow at the highest level at competitive prices. We cordially invite you to our dental office at ul. Śliczna 34b / U4.

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