Prosthetic treatment at the Lardent Center restores a healthy and beautiful smile to our patients.

Indications for treatment

Despite appearances, the loss of even a small piece of a tooth changes the occlusal relations in the mouth. Missing teeth lead to shifting and tilting of the remaining teeth, even of the healthy ones, so more teeth are damaged. Overloads and bite misalignments begin to occur, adversely affecting the patient’s smile satisfaction.

Treatment options

Each dentition and each patient is different, which is why various restorations are used, including fixed restorations (crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays), removable restorations (skeletal dentures, acrylic dentures) or combined prosthetics (e.g. dentures on bolts, telescope dentures).

Prosthetic restorations

The aim of any treatment is to restore the patient’s health; in prosthetic treatment, it is to restore the normal function of chewing, speaking, and an aesthetic smile. In our Centre of Dentistry and Laryngology, we ensure the highest aesthetics of the prosthetic works performed, achieving a natural look of the crowns and recreating a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Our offer

At the LARDENT Centre for Dentistry and Laryngology in Krakow, we offer a full range of prosthetic treatment, including fixed restorations, removable restorations, and combined prosthetics. Our treatment aims to reconstruct the correct occlusal relations in the oral cavity, leading to a satisfied smile for our patients. We guarantee the patient an aesthetic veneer and all-ceramic crown. Thanks to cooperation with experienced laboratories of dental technology, we provide our patients with the highest quality of materials used, precision of prosthetics, and ideal aesthetic effect.
In our LARDENT Centre of Dentistry and Laryngology in Krakow, we offer modern prosthetic and implantoprosthetic solutions, including:

  • crowns and bridges on the patient’s own teeth and implants
  • ceramic veneers
  • skeletal dentures
  • implant-supported dentures
  • partial or complete acrylic dentures

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Price list


Prosthetic consultation

150 zł

Porcelain veneer crown on a nickel-free alloy

1200 zł

Porcelain veneer

1800 - 2000 zł

All-ceramic crown

1800 - 2000 zł

Zirconia crown

2000 zł

Acrylic denture

1200 zł

Denture relining

350 zł

Skeletal denture / metal plate denture / splint-denture

from 2000 zł

Overlay / inlay / glass fibre reinforced composite endocrown

od 900 zł

All-ceramic overlay / inlay

1400 zł

Cast root-canal post

450 zł

Acrylic relaxation splint-denture

550 - 600 zł

Setting a cemented crown

200 zł

Removal of a leaking crown

180 zł

We invite you to the LARDENT Dentistry and Laryngology Center in Krakow for a prosthetic consultation!

Do you want to restore missing or damaged teeth and improve the appearance of your smile? Come to the LARDENT Dentistry and Laryngology Center in Krakow. We provide the care of an experienced specialist in dental prosthetics. We guarantee painless and safe dental treatment based on the latest solutions and the highest quality equipment. We care for the patient's comfort at every stage of the activities. We provide crowns and dental veneers in Krakow at the highest level at competitive prices. We cordially invite you to our dental office at ul. Śliczna 34b / U4.

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Lardent Zielonki

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Centrum Stomatologii
Lardent Kraków

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