Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at Lardent Centre restores a beautiful white smile to our patients.

Lardent Medical Centre in Krakow offers effective teeth whitening using various methods. We care about the beautiful smiles of our patients. In our dental office, teeth whitening is available using the classical method, whitening overlays, and the modern Prevdent system. Thanks to these methods, it is possible to eliminate discoloration and achieve impressive results.

Teeth Whitening with the Prevdent System

Teeth whitening with this system is a one-time, about 2.5-hour treatment, conducted in the dental office by a dentist or dental hygienist. This system includes the use of an LED lamp and a special whitening agent (6% hydrogen peroxide with nano-Hydroxyapatite). As a result of mixing these two components, a foam is created, which penetrates deep into the dental tubules, rebuilds damaged enamel, and minimizes tooth sensitivity. After the treatment, the teeth are not only several shades whiter but also healthier.

The effect of teeth whitening with the Prevdent method is lightening the teeth by even 7-8 shades. The result largely depends on the susceptibility of the dentition to this type of treatment. The effect of lighter teeth is visible immediately after leaving the dental chair. It may last from 2 to 3 years, depending on the care of oral hygiene of each patient.

Overlay Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening quickly became one of the most popular dental treatments. One of the methods popular among dental clinic patients is overlay whitening at home. This technique is time-consuming and requires a high degree of self-reliance, but it offers satisfying results that can last for even 2-3 years. Firstly, it should be noted that we cannot always undergo a procedure to improve our smile. Overlay whitening is not possible in the case of:

  • pregnant women,
  • breastfeeding women,
  • people under 18 years of age,
  • people with untreated teeth,
  • people with undiagnosed dental plaque.

Moreover, for reasons related to the effectiveness of the procedure, teeth whitening is not recommended for smokers who cannot quit smoking during therapy and one week after its completion. Before providing us with the overlays, the doctor on the first visit will perform the following actions:

  • examine and evaluate the condition of our oral cavity to exclude any diseases contraindicated for whitening,
  • fill any dental cavities by placing fillings on them (in case a filling is needed on one of the front teeth, a temporary filling will be placed, which after whitening will be replaced with a permanent one, perfectly matched to the new color of the enamel),
  • remove dental plaque with scaling.

Sandblasting is also carried out to remove deposits, supplementing the scaling. During the visit to the dentist, impressions are taken on standard impression trays. After casting plaster models, the technician makes two transparent trays that function as individually adjusted overlays. During the next visit, the patient tries them on, receives syringes with whitening gel, and a set of detailed instructions for self-application of the preparation at home.

Usually, home therapy lasts about 2-4 weeks, and the overlays should be used according to recommendations - for about 4 hours a day or put them on at night, before sleep. Sometimes patients complain about tooth sensitivity after completing whitening. Therefore, dentists recommend the use of special pastes for tooth sensitivity.

A very important element of the teeth whitening procedure is care and diet - the durability of the procedure depends on its observance. During teeth whitening with the overlay method, the patient should follow the so-called "white diet", which should be extended for 2 weeks after the procedures. This means that during this time you should refrain from drinking coffee, tea, and other heavily staining drinks such as red wine or fruit juices. The replacement of old, discolored composite fillings should not be considered earlier than 3 weeks after the completion of whitening and stabilization of the tooth color. The overlay teeth whitening method requires discipline from the patient - if it is carried out carelessly, the whitening effect will not be spectacular. However, if we are thorough, we can whiten teeth even by 6 shades, and the effect will last for 2-3 years.

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Classic In-office Whitening

The procedure is performed under the supervision of a specialist, i.e., a dentist or a qualified dental hygienist, with all safety rules observed. The procedure involves the application of a whitening gel to the patient's teeth after a prior discussion and patient preparation. The gel is activated by light emitted from a lamp. The procedure is a one-time and lasts about 2 hours. During the whitening sessions and after its completion, sensitivity may occur, lasting up to several days or several weeks. In-office whitening does not give permanent effects. Depending on the lifestyle and the type of food consumed, after some time, the teeth begin to darken again. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the so-called "white diet" for the first 14 days after the procedure. This will allow for color stabilization. This method is entirely safe and effective.

Price list

Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of the smile and the appearance of the face. Treatments allow for effective reduction of discoloration on the enamel surface, brightening the natural color of teeth, and precise correction of their shape.

Overlay whitening

1000 zł

Laser whitening

1400 zł

Prevdent whitening

1750 zł

Intracanalicular whitening
(of dead teeth)

150 zł
per visit

Bonding / Composite veneer

600 zł

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

How much does teeth whitening cost in Krakow?

Which teeth whitening method is the best?
There is no definitive answer to this question. Each of the methods offered at Lardent Medical Centre in Krakow is effective and gives satisfying results. The dentist always first conducts an interview with the patient to understand their expectations, checks the condition of the dentition, and suggests the most effective method.

Is teeth whitening safe?"