Digital radiovisiography - a system of imaging tooth tissues using a reduced radiation dose (in comparison with a standard X-ray machine) that enables diagnostics and monitoring of treatment effects. The digital form of the images helps to easily store and provide them to the patient on a CD, memory stick, or send them by e-mail.


It enables full diagnostics in the craniofacial area and is indispensable in planning prosthetic, implant, or orthodontic treatment. The image obtained during the examination allows the assessment of all teeth, maxillary sinuses, and temporomandibular joint elements. It is also a method of diagnosing impacted teeth, not fully removed roots, as well as cysts and cancerous lesions.

Intraoral camera

It enables the patient to observe the oral cavity before, after and during the procedure on a monitor mounted on the dental unit. It definitely makes it easier to work, especially with children.

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