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Indications for treatment

Implants are the best solution for people who have lost teeth due to injuries, decay, or periodontal diseases. The loss of even one tooth leads to a change in the position of the teeth adjacent to the lost one and further changes in the opposing dental arch. Over a longer period, this leads to overloading of the dentition, which may result in, for example, loosening of healthy teeth and their improper positioning.

Treatment possibilities

Dental implants allow for the restoration of a full smile. We successfully use this type of treatment also in edentulous patients, restoring their joy and comfort in everyday life.

Benefits of implant treatment

The benefits of this treatment can be divided into two groups: external and internal.

  • The external benefit is a beautiful and healthy smile without any gaps in the dentition.
  • The internal benefit is restoring patients' health by preventing the progressing negative consequences of tooth loss and restoring proper chewing function.


We always perform the painless procedure of implanting dental implants under anesthesia to ensure the comfort of our patients. The implant procedure consists of two stages - the first is the insertion of a high-quality, titanium implant screw into the bone part, and the second is the prosthetic part.

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Post-procedure instructions

After the procedure, the patient receives a list of recommendations on how to behave, maintain hygiene, and eat in the days following the procedure. Every patient is also immediately scheduled for a follow-up visit.

Tooth crown restoration

After the implant has healed, the so-called prosthetic part begins, i.e., the restoration of tooth crowns - what is visible on the outside.

Price list


Dental implants allow for the reconstruction of a full smile. We successfully use this type of treatment also for edentulous patients, restoring their joy and comfort in everyday life.

Implantological consultation

300 zł

Implant insertion

od 3200 zł


od 3000 zł

Bone reconstruction

from 1000 zł

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

How long does the healing process take after implant insertion?
The healing process after implant insertion depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body, but it usually lasts from a few weeks to a few months.

Is implant insertion a safe procedure?
Inserting an implant is a safe procedure that is performed by an experienced specialist. However, there is always a risk of complications, which are minimal and usually easy to treat.

Is implant insertion painful?
The procedure of implanting is done under anesthesia, so it is painless. After the procedure, there may be minor discomfort, which usually subsides after a few days.

What are the possible complications after implant insertion?
Any complications are extremely rare, but can include infections, nerve damage, or healing problems. We always recommend patients to contact us if they have any concerns after the procedure.