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Dentist in installments - MediRaty Kraków

Health is the most important thing in our lives, and health problems should not be trivialized. There are situations in which one should immediately go to a specialist doctor in a private clinic to get quick professional advice or undergo a medical procedure. At the Lardent Medical Center in Zielonki, we have introduced the option of using the MediRaty Medical Loan, thanks to which treatment will be much simpler and will not strain our household budget. MediRaty is a proven financing system dedicated to the medical industry. How does it work? We treat you immediately, and you pay in installments for the services provided. Currently, there are three repayment periods for the loan: 12, 24, and 36 months. The installments are adjusted to the patient's capabilities.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

How do MediRaty differ from bank loans?
MediRaty is a financial service intended exclusively for the medical and cosmetological industry. With MediRaty, you can finance 100% of the treatment costs at the Lardent Medical Center in Zielonki. With MediRaty, you will pay for procedures and visits at our dental office in Zielonki and for visits and procedures at our laryngological office in Zielonki. You do not need a down payment, which is necessary in some banks to obtain financing.

Is MediRaty a safe form of financing?
Of course, it is! In the Lardent Medical Center in Zielonki, you can safely use MediRaty. The content of the contracts is fully compliant with the Act of May 12, 2011, on consumer credit (Journal of Laws from 2011, No. 126, item 715, with later amendments). The Medical Finance Group SA has been on the market since 2010. It has over 7000 partner clinics and more are added each month.

What documents are needed?
Depending on the form of employment of the Patient/borrower, different documents are required. Usually, it is an ID and a self-generated history of operations from the bank account for the last 3 months.