• Full range of advice on ENT diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment hearing and tinnitus disorders in children and adults (audiometry and tympanometry)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of adults and children
  • Diagnostics of sleep disorders in the form of snoring and sleep apnea
  • Periodic laryngological examinations of teachers, professional drivers, people working at heights, in noise, athletes


Endoscopic / fibrescope examination is the advanced standard for the diagnosis of diseases of the nose, throat, and tonsils.


It involves inserting an endoscope into the examined organ and viewing its interior. The device is equipped with a camera with high image quality, so it is possible to see locations that are inaccessible in a traditional laryngological assessment. The image from the examination can be saved as photographs, which enables a comparison to previous results and evaluation of the entire treatment process.


An examination using a flexible endoscope that allows any curvature to be overcome painlessly, so that every part of the upper airway can be viewed during a single assessment. The examination is particularly recommended for young children and people with a strong vomiting reflex.

Treatments under local anesthesia

  • Undercutting the frenulum, lip or tongue
  • Plastic surgery of the soft palate, nasal cavities and throat using radiosurgery (Ravor)
  • Electrocautery of the nasal vessels
  • Sinus Puncture
  • Excision of the lesion from the mouth, nose

Treatments under general anesthesia

  • Throat tonsillectomy (adenoidectomy) by traditional and endoscopic methods
  • Removal, reduction of palatine tonsils
  • Plastic surgery of the nasal septum
  • Endoscopic functional surgery of the paranasal sinuses (FESS)
  • Laryngeal microsurgery
  • Drainage and myringotomy
  • Salivary surgery
  • Removal of the carotid cyst
  • Oncological surgery in the area of the throat, larynx, neck
  • *Procedures under general anaesthesia are performed by our doctors in Krakow’s hospitals. The procedures may be reimbursed by the National Health Fund or by the patient

Lardent is a modern Center for Dentistry and Laryngology. The combination of these two specializations allows us to provide the highest quality of services and comprehensive health diagnostics and facial aesthetics

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