earLaryngology in Kraków

We offer comprehensive medical care in the field of ear, nose, throat, larynx, and sinus diseases. Our team of specialists ensures high-quality services and an individual approach to every patient.

What conditions does an ENT specialist help with?

  • Ear pain, a sensation of a blocked ear, persistent tinnitus, hearing loss,
  • inflammation of the throat, sinuses, trachea, and bronchi,
  • problems with tonsils,
  • snoring,
  • sore throat, prolonged hoarseness,
  • swallowing disorders,
  • nasal septum deviation,
  • disorders of smell and taste,
  • dizziness and balance disorders.

Who can use the otolaryngology service?

We invite children and adults to our offices. We also carry out periodic otolaryngological examinations for teachers, professional drivers, people working at heights, in noise, and athletes.

How to prepare for a visit to an otolaryngologist?

When going to an otolaryngologist's visit, remember to:

  • When going to an otolaryngologist's visit, remember to: bring the results of previous laboratory and imaging tests (if they were performed),
  • prepare information about past surgeries and all medications taken, thoroughly clean the ears of wax, which, if remaining in the canals, could obstruct the assessment of the eardrum.

What can you expect during a visit to an otolaryngologist?

Our otolaryngologists' medical offices are equipped with specialized, modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. During the visit, the doctor will perform an endoscopic / fiber optic examination, which is a modern standard in the diagnosis of diseases of the nose, throat, and tonsils.

The endoscopic examination involves inserting an endoscope into the examined organ and examining its interior. The equipment is equipped with a high-quality image camera, which allows the inspection of places inaccessible in a traditional ENT examination. The examination image can be saved in the form of photos, making it possible to compare previous results and evaluate the entire treatment process.

The fiber optic examination is performed using a flexible endoscope, which allows for painless overcoming of all curvatures, so during one examination you can view each of the elements of the upper respiratory tract. The examination is especially recommended for small children and people who have a strong vomiting reflex.

What procedures do ENT specialists perform?

Our doctors perform procedures both in local and general anesthesia.
Procedures under local anesthesia:

  • Frenectomy of the lip or tongue
  • Soft palate, nasal concha and throat plastic surgery using radio surgery (Ravor),
  • Electrocoagulation of nasal vessels,
  • Sinus puncture,
  • Excision of a lesion from the oral cavity, nose.

Procedures under general anesthesia*:

  • Removal of the pharyngeal tonsil (adenotomy) by traditional and endoscopic method,
  • Removal or reduction of palatine tonsils,
  • Plastic surgery of the nasal septum,
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS),
  • Ear drainage and myringotomy,
  • Salivary gland surgery,
  • Removal of cervical cyst,
  • Oncological surgeries in the area of the throat, larynx, neck.

*Our doctors perform procedures under general anesthesia in Krakow hospitals. Procedures can be performed as part of NFZ reimbursement or privately.

Lardent is a modern Dental and Laryngology Center. The combination of these two specializations allows us to ensure the highest quality of services and comprehensive diagnostics of health and facial aesthetics.

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