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Treatment possibilities

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that helps in correcting malocclusions both aesthetically and functionally. At the Lardent Dentistry Center in Krakow, we offer professional orthodontic treatment for children and adults, using modern methods and orthodontic appliances individually tailored to the patient's needs.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment

  1. Tooth health and comfort of daily life
  2. Aesthetic smile and facial harmony
  3. Easier oral hygiene and reduced risk of tooth decay
  4. Improved chewing function and digestive tract health
  5. Real results in a short time

Our diagnostic process

During the first visit, our specialists will perform a thorough examination of the occlusion, muscle function, and make impressions to create diagnostic models. For a detailed assessment, the patient will be asked to undergo X-ray examinations (panoramic and cephalometric images). After the analysis, the orthodontist will choose the appropriate type of appliance for the patient.

Offered types of orthodontic appliances

Fixed appliances - metal or aesthetic (ceramic)

Removable appliances - for children and teenagers

Invisalign clear aligners - for discreet and comfortable treatment

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Price list


Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that helps in correcting malocclusion both aesthetically and functionally. At Lardent Dental Center in Krakow, we offer professional orthodontic treatment for children and adults, using modern methods and orthodontic appliances individually adapted to the patient's needs.

Orthodontic consultation

220 zł

Diagnostic visit
(X-ray evaluation, diagnostic models)

270 zł

Removable braces

1000 zł

Fixed metal braces

3000 zł
1 arch

Fixed aesthetic braces

4400-4500 zł
1 arch


od 9000 zł

Clear Aligner

900 zł
analysis of a technician

Clear Aligner

1400 zł
1 set of plates for 1 arch

Fixed retainer

1000 zł

Removable retainer

1000 zł

Transparent retention splint-denture

1000 zł

Removal of fixed braces

350 zł
1 arch

Follow-up visit

180-250 zł
depending on the orthodontic appliance

Ligature replacement

120 zł

See the Orthodontics price list

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

What are overlay/clear appliances? (e.g., Invisalign)
A modern method of treating malocclusions using clear, replaceable overlays (aligners) fitted to the patient's dentition. They guarantee more comfort compared to traditional braces while maintaining high treatment effectiveness.

What are fixed appliances?
Used for precise occlusion correction, thanks to constant pressure on the teeth throughout the entire treatment period. Depending on the patient's needs, various types of orthodontic brackets are available: metal (cheaper, with the possibility of variety with ligatures) and aesthetic (ceramic, less visible).

What are removable appliances?
Mainly intended for children and adolescents, made based on individual impressions and adapted to the type of malocclusion. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the type of defect, the patient's age, and the doctor's recommendations.

What are the advantages of Invisalign treatment?
Precise treatment plan: At the first consultation, you will find out which device is best for you, and thanks to a 3D scanner and special software, we will conduct a virtual simulation of the entire treatment process, presenting the expected final effect. Quick results: Aligners are replaced every 2 weeks, gradually moving the teeth to the correct positions. After just a few months, you can enjoy your new, beautiful smile! Discretion and convenience: Clear overlays are practically invisible, and the lack of metal elements and customization make them extremely comfortable to wear. Easy oral hygiene: You can remove and put on the overlays yourself, which allows you to maintain daily eating habits and oral hygiene.