toothPrice list dentistry

The following price list will only assist you in the preliminary verification of costs for a specified procedure.

Each case is considered individually after an initial consultation, during which the doctor examines the patient and presents them with a description of the procedure, indications, contraindications, advantages, and disadvantages of potentially performing the procedure, as well as its approximate cost.

Preventive Dentistry

Dental prevention is key to the health and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. We focus on a comprehensive, individually tailored approach and modern hygiene methods, thanks to which your teeth will remain healthy and beautiful for longer.

Ultrasonic descaling with polishing

220 zł

Sandblasting with fluoridation

250 zł

Hygienization package
(descaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)

330 - 370 zł

Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of the smile and the appearance of the face. Treatments allow for effective reduction of discoloration on the enamel surface, brightening the natural color of teeth, and precise correction of their shape.

Overlay whitening

1000 zł

Laser whitening

1400 zł

Prevdent whitening

1750 zł

Intracanalicular whitening
(of dead teeth)

150 zł
per visit

Bonding / Composite veneer

600 zł

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry focuses on fighting the most common dental disease - tooth decay. Our goal is to prevent cavities and treat their symptoms, such as enamel demineralization or cavities, using minimally invasive methods.

Dental check-up - examination of the oral cavity

100 zł

Check up with treatment plan

200 zł

Tooth filling

310 - 390 zł

Deciduous tooth filling

220 zł

Computer-assisted anaesthesia

60 zł


50 zł

Tooth restoration with fibreglass inlay

600 - 700 zł

Adaptation visit for children

150 zł

Periapical, digital X-ray

50 zł


90 zł


Endodontics, or root canal treatment, deals with the treatment of pulp diseases and periapical tissues. The treatment involves removing the damaged and irreversibly changed pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning the chambers and root canals, and then filling the space with a permanent therapeutic and stabilizing material. The aim of root canal treatment is to remove sources of infection and prevent their recurrence.

Endodontic consultation

200 zł

Intervention visit
imaging, anaesthesia, extirpation under anaesthesia and application of an antibiotic dressing

350 zł

Primary root canal treatment
with the use of microscope, dental dam, RVG imaging, anaesthesia, and dressing

800 - 1700 zł
depending on number of canals

Secondary root canal treatment
with the use microscope, dental dam, RVG imaging, anaesthesia, and dressing

900 - 1900 zł
depending on number of canals

Restoration of a tooth for endodontic purposes
dental dam

350 zł

Removal of a broken tool from the canal

400 - 500 zł

Treatment by prosthetic crown

300 zł

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Every set of teeth and every patient is different, so various types of restorations are used: fixed (crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, inlays, and onlays), removable (skeletal prostheses, acrylic) and combined works (e.g., prostheses on clasps, telescopes).

Prosthetic consultation

200 zł

Porcelain veneer crown on a nickel-free alloy

1450 zł

Porcelain veneer

2300 zł

All-ceramic crown

2300 zł

Zirconia crown

2000 zł

Acrylic denture

1800 zł

Denture relining

600 zł

Skeletal denture / metal plate denture / splint-denture

from 2500 zł

Overlay / inlay / glass fibre reinforced composite endocrown

1300 zł

All-ceramic overlay / inlay

1500 zł

Cast root-canal post

750 - 850 zł

Relaxation splint-denture
Depending on the material of the splint

750 - 950 zł


Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that helps in correcting malocclusion both aesthetically and functionally. At Lardent Dental Center in Krakow, we offer professional orthodontic treatment for children and adults, using modern methods and orthodontic appliances individually adapted to the patient's needs.

Orthodontic consultation

200 zł

Diagnostic visit
(X-ray evaluation, diagnostic models)

250 zł

Removable braces

1000 zł

Fixed metal braces

2900 zł
1 arch

Fixed aesthetic braces

4200 zł
1 arch


od 9000 zł

Clear Aligner

900 zł
analysis of a technician

Clear Aligner

1400 zł
1 set of plates for 1 arch

Fixed retainer

1000 zł

Removable retainer

1000 zł

Transparent retention splint-denture

1000 zł

Removal of fixed braces

300 zł
1 arch

Follow-up visit
fixed braces

200 zł
1 arch

Follow-up visit
removable braces

180 zł
1 arch

Follow-up visit
removable braces

250 zł
2 arches

Ligature replacement

80 zł

Corrective grinding of deciduous teeth

300 zł


Dental implants allow for the reconstruction of a full smile. We successfully use this type of treatment also for edentulous patients, restoring their joy and comfort in everyday life.

Implantological consultation

300 zł

Implant insertion

od 3200 zł


od 3000 zł

Bone reconstruction

from 1000 zł


One of our key areas is periodontology, a branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Our experienced team of periodontists is here to help you maintain healthy gums, bones, and ligaments that support your teeth.

Periodontologic consultation

250 zł

Periodontal pocket curettage (1 quadrant)

400 zł

Open curettage (flap operation, up to 3 teeth)

600 zł


At Lardent Center, contemporary dental surgery opens new horizons of treatment. We create a comfortable and safe environment in which the patient feels no pain - even during complex and intense procedures. These are not just extractions, but also other less or more invasive procedures that help restore the patient's health and well-being.

Surgical consultation

250 zł

Extraction of a permanent tooth

from 350 zł

Surgical extraction of a permanent tooth

from 500 zł

Extraction of a deciduous tooth

from 150 zł

Lip and tongue frenulumplasty

500 zł

Gingival augmentation with an intrinsic mucosal graft


Surgical treatment of gingival recession